Corporate Philosophy

Toward new fields with our roots

Making a Breakthrough in Our Partnership with the TIS INTEC Group

AJS started out as the Systems Management Division of Asahi Kasei Corp.

We were in charge of Asahi Kasei and the Asahi Kasei Group’s IT-related operations.

And in 1987, owing to the success in its track record, it was inaugurated as a separate organization under the name of Asahi Kasei Information Systems Co., Ltd. It can be said that this was the first stage of our company’s establishment.

The second stage was during our participation in the planning of the current TIS INTEC Group back in 2005. Through this collaboration we have put together our expertise and manpower, thus allowing us to provide more comprehensive IT support services to our clients.

One of our company’s strengths is our all-around ability to respond to our customers’ needs, which is a result of our experience from working with the Asahi Kasei Group.

In the Asahi Kasei Group, we have a wide range of business models in the field of Material, Homes and Health Care. And for over many years, AJS has provided and developed optimal system solutions for these industries. To name a few, we have utilized the ICT to support systems for improving manufacturing sites and core systems for corporate management.

Thus, we are able to pinpoint the clients’ needs and create the best solutions and services.

Maximizing the Potential of the Collective Strength of the Group

From the extensive range of the services we offer, we have discovered specialties that set us apart from the rest that we aim to further improve. We at AJS feel empowered as the company goes through this phase. And fortunately, we have discovered “seeds” that can potentially grow within the TIS INTEC Group. We have been working with them in tandem in an effort to create new systems. These new features include prospects for creating services in conjunction with IT infrastructure and cloud computing.

This way AJS can contribute more as a member of the TIS INTEC Group. Ultimately, we seek to be more enterprising than ever while building a solid foundation for a relationship of trust with our customers.

We at AJS look forward to working with you in the near future.