Handling of Personal Information

Company Name

AJS Inc.

Personal Information Protection Manager

Corporate Administration Department manager

Purpose of the Use of Personal Information Acquired by Means Other Than Direct Written Acquisition

Category of personal information Purpose of use Disclosure Classification
Personal information of clients ContractsSystem operation and maintenance Undisclosed

Type of Personal Information and Purpose of Use

Category of Personal Information Purpose of use
Client Information Response to inquiries, sending of requested documents, seminars, demonstration, workshop offers & informationGuide / provision of our services, systems operation and maintenance servicesVarious communication and administrative purposes related to the above services
Client information Contact for billing and payment, operations management
Employment applicant information Recruiting
Our employees’ information Administrative management: human resources, general affairs, etc.

Procedure regarding requests for disclosure, etc.

Our company follows the procedure below for making responses in writing for requests made by the person concerned or his/her representing party in relevance to personal information held by our company. Such requests, which will be henceforth referred to as “information disclosure and such,” include the following (1) requests for disclosure, (2) requests for notification of purpose of use, (3) requests for correction, (4) request for additions or removals, (5) requests for deletion (6) requests for suspension of services or provision to a third party.

(1) Contact information for making requests for information disclosure and such
When requesting for information disclosure and such, please contact our customer service center. We respond promptly to requests provided that we can confirm that the request is from the person to whom the personal information pertains.We also accept such requests by mailing to us the prescribed bill along with the necessary documents. When mailing an invoice to our company, please send it to us via registered mail, simple registered post or by any other means where the records of delivery can be checked.In addition, we would highly appreciate it if the envelope is labeled with “Personal Information
Request Form,” written in red.Postal Code 160-0023

Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower 8-17-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

AJS Inc. Business Management Department Personal Information Inquiry Desk Officer

(2) Documents to be submitted when making requests for information disclosureWhen making requests for information disclosure and such, please download the request form (see attachment below) and mail it to us at the postal address written above in (1) along with documents verifying your identity.
・ Our company’s prescribed application formPersonal Information Disclosure Request Form (PDF) >> Download here・ Documents verifying the identity of the person concerned (copy)One of the following: 1) driver’s license, 2) health insurance card, 3) passport
(3) Requests for information disclosure and such made by a representing party
When requests for information disclosure and such are made by a proxy on behalf of the person concerned, the following must also be included in addition to the documents referred to in the paragraph above:・ Documents verifying the identity of the proxy (a copy) (1) driver’s license, 2) health insurance card, 3) passport・ Power of Attorney (sealed by the person concerned, accompanied by the seal’s registration certificate) For legal or statutory proxies such as parents, a family register, certificate of residence or documents containing relevant information can be in lieu of the power of attorney.
(4) Fees for requesting a notification of the purpose of use or information disclosure
Charges will be made for requests of notification of the purpose of use or information disclosure.JPY 600 will be charged for each time of request (tax included)Please enclose JPY 600 Yen postage upon submission.* Our company will contact you in case the fee for handling your request is not included or is insufficient. We will not honor the request if the payment is not made within the set date.
(5) Procedure for responding to requests for information closure and such
Our company will respond to your request by mail to the address written in the address section of the request form.
(6) Purpose of the request for information disclosure and such
The acquired personal information to be provided is within the scope of the necessity of the request of information disclosure and such.Submitted documents will not be returned. After responding to the request for information disclosure and such, the submitted documents will be properly disposed.
(7) Amendments to the Procedure
Some of the contents of the procedure for request for information disclosure may have been revised in order to protect the security of our clients’ personal information and for other reasons such as changes in laws. When making requests for information disclosure and such, please check this procedure.

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