Contribute to the increase in customer value through rich business knowledge and advanced information technologies

At AJS, we hope to become our clients’ trusted and best business partners

  • We provide well-thought out business proposals, high-quality system constructions, as well as stable maintenance and operation
  • We contribute to our customers and maintain a high level of satisfaction

We always try to find new business, new customers, and new technologies for us to continue growing

  • We take on the challenge of applying new information technologies
  • We continue to grow making the expertise of each and every employee as the wisdom of our organization

We strive to create a company where employees can work lively and happily

  • We actively engage in discussions within the organization, and make the best use of the creativity of every employee
  • We conduct our corporate activities based on high moral and fulfill our social responsibilities
  • The expertise of every single employee will continue to grow as part of this organization

We demonstrate the synergy of the TIS INTEC Group, and contribute to the expansion of the group

  • We have a special place within the group
  • We use the strengths of the group (human resources, technology, customer base) to expand our business

We build strong relationships with partners and vendors

  • We enhance the competitiveness of each other, maintain a good alliance, and continue expanding