Privacy Policy

1. Principles of Privacy Policy

AJS Inc. (hereafter the “Company”) contributes to the improvement of customer value through abundant business knowledge and advanced information technology (business description: System development service, Packaged software service, Network service).

To ensure the secure protection of personal information handled by us, we have built and implemented personal information protection management systems in compliance with JISQ15001:2006 and continuously improve their efficacy.

To achieve this goal, we formulate a Privacy Policy. All our employees work together in striving to realize this policy.

2. Privacy Policy

To ensure the proper protection of personal information, we perform the following tasks:

(1) Obtaining personal information
We obtain personal information to the extent required to achieve the following purposes of use:
  1. 1) To introduce, provide, and maintain products and services provided by us
  2. 2) To manage human resources and labor, and to provide benefits within our company
  3. 3) To recruit staff

In some cases, we also consign personal information to a consignee in order to provide a better service to our customers.

We strive to protect personal information by making the necessary arrangements to ensure that the consignee is capable of managing the personal information appropriately.

(2) Using personal information
We do not use personal information that we hold beyond the extent necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use.  We also take measures to limit the use of personal information.
(3) Providing personal information to third parties
Except when consigning personal information to a consignee, we do not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the person to whom the personal information pertains.
(4) We strictly observe laws and ordinances relating to personal information, policies set by government, and other guidelines.
(5) To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we take preventive and corrective measures in relation to the leakage, loss, and defamation of personal information.
(6) We deal appropriately with complaints and consultations regarding personal information.  To inquire about your own personal information, contact the service desk below.
(7) We intend to strive to continuously improve our personal information protection management system by establishing internal regulations and a management system relating to personal information protection and revising them when appropriate.

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