Realizing "Integrated Systems" based on our roots as ICT professionals

AJS was founded in 1987 as an information systems company of the Asahi Kasei Group and has a track record of over 25 years of system development, maintenance and operation. As a member of the TIS INTEC Group we currently provide solutions to improve corporate value for a variety of industrial customers based on 3 pillars: “core system development, maintenance, operation, and consulting”, “business solutions using core data”, and “package development and sales”.

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We are able to realize them thanks to our unique expertise and rich experience from our past accomplishments. AJS will continue providing optimal solutions to help customers solve different problems by using our high skills to the fullest.

The various solution areas of AJS

Solution Area

Our 3 strengths for high performance

  1. The power of devising proposals from the “field”

    AJS has for many years been providing a wide range of IT solutions for various businesses and industries. AJS has paid particular attention not only to accurately meeting the system requirements but to minimizing the impact to field operations and realizing the transfer of highly effective solutions in a short period of time. This is the unique business style of AJS that goes from system construction to operating maintenance by proposing solution plans for the production “field” of the manufacturing industry and closely related business “fields”.

  2.  The power of technology and stable operation that brings "high security"

    We are abiding by the privacy policy laws and striving for a more advanced and robust solution for our security systems. AJS always catches on the latest trend. One example in the housing-related field would be our effort to provide manageable solutions with secure and stable information details of interested parties, prospective buyers, or those who have already committed to buying. Management systems that continuously follow buyer’s information over the decades are especially popular, as well as systems that have a strict security management while handling important personal information. It has taken AJS a long time to establish a method to continually manage and operate information in a stable way from this experience. Also, by developing systems in accordance with the personal information protection law, we have gained high reputation and trust.

  3. The power of personnel that can build trust

    We usually provide highly effective solutions in a short period of time without impeding normal business.

    No matter if we are rebuilding a large core system or finding a solution to improve the efficiency of a business, the basic stance of the AJS business does not change. To ensure that we can continue providing these kind of unique solutions, personnel who have deep knowledge of the business backed up by the customer’s rich experience who have a wide range of view, and who are able to cooperate closely with a variety of people are essential. This is why here, at AJS, we create the best scenario for our customers to improve their business with the help of information technology, and then actively strive to train professional staff equipped with the skills of consulting, project management, system operation, and application development, and versed in technical areas such as networks, web, database and mobile, as well as SA and SE, so they can lead customers through the realization of that scenario.